"The Purpose in a man's heart is like deep water,

but a man of understanding will draw it out"

Proverbs 20:5

Are you feeling....

  • stuck, hopeless or filled with regrets?

  • successful but something is still missing? 

  • like you're not living life on your terms?

  • tired of repeated patterns and cycles?

  • trapped again in a dead end job?

  • like you've lost touch with your dreams?

Are your ready to discover...

  • your authentic self?

  • how to live the abundant life?

  • your true purpose and passions?

  • your gifts, talents and real value?

  • more joy, peace and prosperity?

  • the power of a coaching partnership?

If you're ready to begin the deep dive into your hearts desires.

                      Then take the plunge and lets have an amazing conversation!

Coach Scott Barreto

"The DreamCaster"

        I met Scott over 2 years ago while attending Charis Bible College and for two days he kept the entire student body on the edge of their seats. Upon departing Scott left his contact information and I tucked it away for future use, for I knew that I would need his advice in the immediate future.

       After graduating, Scott made himself available to me when I phoned him with questions about my gifts. One Sunday evening he gave me more than 60 minutes of his undivided attention. 

      As a coach, Scott would immerse himself in my challenge by taking ownership with me over of my concerns. Scott made me feel like he needed to exhaust me of every possibility in helping me make progress and then make suggestion that would keep me accountable. He always offered clever solutions and politely pointed out pitfalls that would derail my plan.

    Scott is a master at asking insightful questions, and this is what he employed as a device to show me that I was undermining my very own success. This revelation was well worth the price of the coaching sessions many times over.

I cannot thank you enough Scott.


                                                                                                                                                          Barbie Holland